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Primadet MS

Millisecond (MS) Primadet® nonelectric delay detonators are comprised of four major components.

A shock tube to transmit a signal to the delay cap. Shock tube is a small diameter laminated plastic tube coated with a very thin layer of reactive material; only one pound of material per 100,000 feet of tube. When initiated, shock tube reliably transmits a low energy signal at approximately 6,500 feet per second from one point to another. This shock wave phenomenon, which is similar to a dust explosion , will propagate through most sharp bends, knots and kinks in the tube. The detonation is sustained by such a small quantity of reactive material, the outer surface of the tube remains intact during and after functioning.

A blasting cap with integral delay element.

A color-coded delay tag which indicates the MS delay period number and nominal firing time.

A “ J ” Hook facilitate easy connection to a Primacord® detonating cord trunkline. These white plastic hooks are inert.

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