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PT. Empat Enam Jaya Abadi was established on July 09, 1973 under the name PT. Empat Enam. The company in the beginning moved in stock trading, services, agriculture, industrial, mining and building contractor.


The significant impact on the needs of explosive materials in Indonesia pushed PT. EEJA to more focus on its sector. It is caused by both internal and external factors.


The internal factors include the expansion in mining industry, cost condition and price control, the outlook and direction of developing mining sector with a frame of concepts of the National Economic and Social Development Plan, etc. There are four issues in development as follows :

  1. Modernizing licenses and transport systems to reach full-scale development with low cost, as well as supporting technical to improve the efficiency of management.
  2. Planning for the development of transport systems both local and international.
  3. Emphasis on the increase of safety measures.
  4. Promoting cooperation with the neighboring countries and those in Asia Pacific.

The external factors include the governments policy on investment and privatization to ease the burden of the public sector and to improve the qualities of management and service. Given on the principle, the state enterprises in the explosive transport industry are required to absolutely and clearly segregate the respective units in charge of policy, overseeing and monitoring, administration, service regulations and operations from each other.


To get prepared in response to the governments policy, reinforce the potential of competitiveness to achieve the goal in becoming a leader in the business of explosives licensed for clients satisfaction with international standard.