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The biggest explosive factory in South East Asian will be built

Monday, 18 October 2010

Tursina Valley, Bontang : Konsorsium Joint Operation (KJO) four companies will build the biggest in South East Asian an explosive material factory  ( Ammonium Nitrate ) for about US$115 million (Rp1,04 trillion) investment.

Four companies of KJO are PT Dahana (Persero), PT Suma Energi Nusantara, PT Pupuk Kaltim Tbk (PKT), and PT Parna Raya, agree to settle the construction of industry in January 2007 and predict will be accomplished in mid 2008. The factory will be built in Tursina Valley, Loktuan, Kaltim Industri Estate (KIE) area, Bontang, East Kalimantan.

The consortium involves the biggest ammonium nitrate, fertilizer, and ammoniac producer in the world from Norwegia, Yara AB, about technology license of Kaltenbach-Thuring to improve capacity production of 200.000 ton ammonium nitrate perannum.

F. Harry Sampoerno, Director of Finance and Business Development PT Dahana, says other than Indonesia, they are only two countries in South East Asian region able to produce ammonium nitrate, they are Filipina (60.000 ton per annum) and Thailand (80.000 ton).

”Even in Asian, the factory in Bontang only can be defeated by China which one factory could produce 250.000 ton per annum,” say Harry to Bisnis in the factory construction area, yesterday (9/9/2006).

Detrius Sinaga Komisaris PT Kaltim Parna Industri (Parna Raya Group) says the demand of ammonium nitrate locally still high that imbalance with total of production, respectively demand of import increase about 90%-95%.

In Indonesia at the moment is only one factory of ammonium nitrate in Pupuk Kujang area, Cikampek, owned by PT Multi Nitrotama Kimia (MNK) which 70% of shareholders owned by  Yayasan Dakab and Bimantara.

MNK, Detrius says, only able to produce in average 36.000 ton per annum, meanwhile the needs in domestic area per annum reach  200.000 ton. (Bisnis Indonesia, 11 September 2006)

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