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Incidents of Bombing to July 2001

Monday, 18 October 2010

Opening our history books, we find that bombings are nothing new to Indonesia.  Kontras notes that bombings have occurred since 1976, and throughout the 1980s.  However, over the past two years, the intensity of these bombing incidents and terror campaigns involving bombs and other weapons has increased, coinciding with the change in the political situation in Indonesia over the past three years.

This increase in the intensity of bombing incidents is a problem because besides instilling a feeling of insecurity in society, these incidents, which have occurred repeatedly, are not entirely criminally motivated—there is also a political motive that claims innocent civilian victims.  The country has become a battlefield for “terrorists” that pay no heed to human ethics and values, planting bombs wherever they will.  The public is aware of the evident domestic anger and in fighting among a small elite group that takes advantage of the weaknesses of the state as the sole and authoritative institution of control.

The sharp increase in the number of bombing incidents since September 2000 has given rise to several theories, in particular suspicion of the involvement of anti-democracy powers (the New Order and the military) in this period of transition, who wish a return to the authoritarian state and condition.  These powers use terror and intimidation, both against the government under the leadership of Abdurrahman Wahid and Megawati Soekarnoputri and against the people.  The intensification of bombing incidents, among others, serves to create the impression that the state is incapable of guaranteeing public safety, and ultimately to arouse public distrust in the government.

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