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Bombing incidents between January and July 2001

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Since May 1998, the number of bomb tragedies has been on the increase.  Between January and July 2001 alone, there were 81 such incidents; 29 in the capital city Jakarta, and the remainder in locations outside Jakarta, including Depok, Bekasi, Jogjakarta, Banten and Central Sulawesi.  Available data indicate that these bombings have claimed 26 lives and left 201 people injured, not including the vicitms of bombing incidents on July 23 and 24 2001. (This does not include bombing incidents in Aceh, Papua, etc).

The shift in the national conflict map since the fall of president Soeharto has greatly affected the frequency of bombing incidents in various locations.  Also, the use of military equipment and tools to make these bombs is increasingly evident, although the perpetrators of these bombing incidents have yet to be identified.

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